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"Delivering authentic professional childbirth educational classes that  INCREASES CELL VIBRATION AND ENERGY helping you and your little-one-to-be have a more FULFILLED  labor experience!"

Why Lumalove?

Lumalove Childbirth will be the number one childbirth class CT women will want to attend! Why? because Lumalove Childbirth shows couples how to lay the foundational blueprint for a happier healthier pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

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What Is Lumalove?

Lumalove is NOT a traditional childbirth classe CT women would normally attend where the class content is controlled by a medical institution. Lumalove brings new and dynamic higher education about the energy dynamics of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

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Lumalove meaning?

Inside the word Lumalove® is "Uma", the goddess of fertility that which a pregnant woman is. Luma represents the illumination of the spirit of the unborn child which is a unique teaching concept taught within a Lumalove Childbirth Class. Love is the essence of what a mother is.

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I deliver many of the most popular and complete childbirth class CT women will want to attend!